Content Creation Tip for Life Coaches

Content Creation Tip for Life Coaches
life coach content creation tips

What happens when the light is right but the microphone is dead – the show must go on

Content Creation Tip for Life Coaches
(Or “Marketing Fibre: the importance of being regular”)

This week we are posting a tip instead of the usual video.

The blog could just as easily have been called “why you should turn your microphone off whilst you’re not using it”.
So, without a video to post, but in order to meet our content deadline… we’ve decided to post a few stills from the shoot for your entertainment, and use this as a reminder for “what works when it comes to creating content”.

**Bottom line: be regular with your content publishing**
Pick a frequency that you can reasonably expect to stick to, and stick to it.
This helps connect with your list, and lets them know that you’re reliable.

Creating content is crucial for life coaches wanting to maximise their time in the business with maintaining their lifestyle. But sometimes you can’t meet a deadline, so what should you do?

In our case, we turned to a written blog and took a few still shots on location. This meant we could take advantage of the great dusk lighting, despite having no microphone.

One of our marketing mentors Taki Moore makes a rule for his workshops : “Rough It”. He encourages his coaches to be prolific instead of perfect. And when Taki is excited about something, he talks *fast* – you are literally forced to rough it to keep up!

So take note… Just because the conditions right now may not seem ideal, you should go and create a piece of content regardless.
Go on… now… ;)

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