How Trying Too Hard Might Be Hurting Your Life Coaching Business

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Is Trying Hard Getting In The Way Of Growing Your Life Coaching Business…?


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3:24  “4 Steps in Growing Your Coaching Business”

1:28    Step 1 – FOCUS

1:45    Step 2 – EDUCATE

2:14    Step 2 – APPLICATION

2:35  STEP 4 – GENIUS


G’day this is Adam Sowden and this week’s episode we are going to be showing you how “trying harder” is not the solution for growing your coaching business.

I was talking to a client the other day at the Jedi Life Coach Intensive. He said his old footy coach used to come him at half time when they were losing and the advice he would give his team was “try harder” or “play better’. We’ve all had that well-meaning friend whose advice to us is usually emotional and not quite intelligent. The reason why trying harder is not the answer is because it actually motivates us but it doesn’t actually motivate us in an intelligent direction.

So there’s an old saying, that says, “a motivated man with no idea what he is doing, still has no idea what he is doing.”

So the idea for us coaches if you want to grow our coaching business, is not just to motivate ourselves, but find the specific activities that give us the greatest result and this is what we call the Linchpin Activity

If you want to grow your coaching business, or get greater results for your clients, there is usually four steps, in discovering or identifying what actions to take or what activities would produce the best results?


Step 1 – FOCUS

The first step is what we call Focus. So focus basically is where you look at all of the actions that you need to take and basically find out what’s working and what’s not working.

Identify the highlights and identify the areas that need working on. That’s step 1- FOCUS.

Step 2 – EDUCATE

So, once we have identified the areas that we need to work on. It’s not just about trying’s about specifically educating ourselves on what is the best practice for those particular activities. Whether its marketing or whether its sales, or whether it’s to simply getting better results for your clients. It’s educating ourselves on what is best practice. So that’s step 2… “Educate”.


Step 3 is apply or application essentially. That is where we take the education, that we’ve that we’ve learnt… What is the best practice and apply that into our business… so take that education and apply it into the business, so we’ve actually got the best practice implemented for our activity


And now the 4th step is what we call genius. Now, genius is something very specific to you. Most people when they are looking at a situation usually look at what’s wrong with it. Where as genius or identifying genius is the actual reverse. Every single person has specific activities or things that they do exceptionally well. So when you identify the things that you are specifically good at, that’s what we call your genius activities. We want to bring more and more of those things into your business.

So Step 1 – Focus, Step 2 – Educate, Step 3 – Apply and Step 4 is identify and implement genius into your business.

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