Introducing my 2013 Game Changer Webinar...

5 Clients in 30 Days
If You Need Life Coaching Clients…
This Free Online Training Reveals How To Get 5 New Clients In 30 Days… Without A Website
On this live coaching call you’ll discover…
  • Why most life coaches fail at “Hello” when meeting with prospective clients. (And how a simple shift in your thinking will open the door to massive opportunities)
  • How John used this simple shift in thinking to secure a speaking tour with a national group of his ideal clients
  • 3 mistakes that over 90% of life coaches make in their marketing which unconsciously turns people off.
    Plus the secret to turning your marketing from a costly mistake into an valuable investment
  • The 6 step strategy to getting all the clients you will ever want… without even needing a website
  • How Jaen went from Zero to 13 life coach clients in less than 2 weeks by only implementing half of the 6 step strategy
  • 3 ingredients you must have in order to separate yourself from your competition and establish yourself as THE authority people are desperate to work with.
  • And more…
What date and time is this in My part of the world??
  • Sydney 10:00 on Thursday the 7th of February
  • London 23:00 on Wednesday the 6th of February
  • New York 18:00 on Wednesday the 6th of February
  • Los Angelis  15:00 on Wednesday the 6th of February
  • Auckland 22:00 on Thursday the 7th of February

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