How To Quickly Grow Your Life Coaching Business


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In this video:

00:27  Biggest challenges facing Life Coaches today
01:04   How to grow your life coaching business in a fastest possible way
01:56   What “Sales” is really all about?
03:13   5 phases that every life coaching business goes through
05:26   Setting up a really sound foundation for a coaching business


This is Adam Sowden and welcome to this week’s episode of Six Figure Life Coach.

What we’re going to be covering today is one of the biggest challenges facing life coaches in growing their businesses.

We’re also going to be covering the five phases that every coaching business goes through from start up through to maturity.

And we’re also going to be giving you an awesome tip that’s going to help you go from part time life coach to full time life coach in the fastest possible way.

All that’s coming up soon!

You’re Skillset Isn’t The Same Language

So one of the biggest challenges facing Life Coaches today is that they have a skill set, and that skill set doesn’t speak the same language as the actual market does.

So what that means is – if you’ve been trained in a very smart modality you’ve learned a specific language that you can communicate with and make a difference in people’s lives with.

But the problem is that the market itself doesn’t know that language. So, a lot of the time this skill sets get wasted and they get lost in translation.

So your job as a life coach, from here, once you’ve got your skill set is to learn how to translate your skill set through to the market.

Do that and you’ll grow your coaching business in a fastest possible way.

The 5 Phases of Life Coaching Businesses

Every life coaching business goes through 5 phases from when you start through to Maturity.

Now when you first start the first phase is basically what we call the part time coach where you’re earning anywhere from nothing through to $5,000 a month. This is basically where you’ve spent probably more money on learning to be a coach than you’ve actually earned.

The next phase of coaching is where you go from roughly $5,000 to $10,000 a month. This is where we become the full time coach. Now once you’re a full time coach you start to pay back on the investment that you’ve invested into your training and we start seeing return on that investment and you can also, you know live of your coaching income.

The third phase is what we call Professional. So you’ve gone part time-full time and now you’re becoming professional. Professional is where you start to move away from just one on one. You’re still working one on one but you start to get into more leveraged coaching so you might have group coaching or you might be starting to do some webinars, and you’re also starting to get into more complex marketing and sales systems so you’re not just at the hunting one on one.

And the professionals tend to be earning anywhere from $10,000 to $20,000 a month.

The fourth phase is what we call the leadership phase. And this is where you start to where you got a mature business but you’re also starting to move away from teaching someone else’s modality. You’re not just teaching the things that you’ve learned. You’re actually starting to develop your own fundamental basis of how you coach that’s unique to you.

And the fifth phase of any coaching business is what we call the Market Maker or the Mastery Level. Now, this is where you’re actually teaching or you’ve developed your own, your completely owned unique way of coaching and you’re also able to teach that to others. And the market makers, these folks are earning anywhere from $80,000 up with the month.

So those are the five phases of the coaching business, if you’re at the start up just remember that you just generally go through those phases. One of the big mistakes that most people make when they’re going into the business is they try and move too quickly in their development but you must go through all of those stages to set up a really sound foundation for coaching business as it grows.

Are you Part-Time or Full-Time?

A lot of coaches, the highest percentage of coaches using that level that we just spoke of before seeing the part time bracket, there are more part time coaches than full time coaches. And one of that fastest ways you can go from part time coach to full time coach is to learn what I call; you master the art of selling without looking and feeling like a knob.

So what does that mean?

Most of us when we go into sales mode or when we start to sell we start to, my friend Taki says, when you start to go in a sales mode your level of cool drops. You might be helping people and might think you’re cool, but as soon as you start to go into sales mode your level of cool drops. And that’s generally because we’re starting to look or feel like a bit of a knob.

Now the fastest way to overcome this is to remember what sales is really about. Sales is not getting someone to buy your stuff. Sales is about finding a fit where you and your prospect match.

Now how do you find a fit?

Finding a fit is simply where the promise, or the promise of your service, matches the problem of your prospect.

So what I mean by promise?

Promise is the results that they get. In other words

I take you from overweight to skinny. Or

I take you from unfit to fit

I take you from stressed out to really peaceful

And that’s the promise that you make. You’re making a promise to take someone from here to over to here. Now if your promise matches the person’s problem – you have a fit with your prospect and there’s no real manipulation or sales or if it involved. You’re just finding your fit.

The problem when we start to feel like a knob is when our promise doesn’t match the prospect and we keep pushing the promise onto the prospect or we alter our promise just to fit in with the prospect and as a result it doesn’t work out as well for us.

So that’s the fastest way to go from part time to full time is to master that out. Match your promise with their problem.

Okay, so that’s it for this week’s episode of Six Figure Life Coach.

Thanks for watching, see you next week.

We’ll give you more information on how you can grow your coaching business, make more money and make more of a difference in people’s lives.

We’ll see you then.

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