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2:42   “Six Figure Life Coach – How Do We Position Ourselves to Make A Difference”

1:27   Don’t Sell Our Method

1:37   First Step- Identify Areas of Struggle

1:50  Second Step- Apply our Method To Their Struggle

Six Figure Life Coach – How Do We Position Ourselves

There’s more opportunity for life coaches now than ever before.  In this episode of Six Figure Life Coach we’re going to be explaining WHY this is… and also WHAT you can do to position yourself to make more of a difference and to make more money in your life coaching business.

Okay… So I have been coaching for 11 years and I have never seen more opportunity for coaches since I began coaching.  The reason why this is – is that life generally will lead to more complexity. When we were kids, life is not that complex.

As we get older, we go to school, we might have to get a job, things get more and more complex. We get into a relationship, more complexity. We have children, more and more complexity. Up until the point when we get older – when we are older, just doing basic things just becomes a major task for us. So, life leads to more complexity.

But what we have seen in the last couple of years is that with global financial crisis and the technology boom, there is an increase – there is more new complexity than ever before in the history of mankind. So what we are seeing with this – with more increased complexity, we see more struggles, which also leads to more opportunities for life coaches.

Six Figure Life Coach – How Do We Position Ourselves

Okay, so how do we position ourselves as coaches to make more of a difference, to make more money – solving this increased complexity?

Don’t Sell Our Method

Well the first thing that we do is – “We don’t sell our method.”

People aren’t really interested in our method or in the way in which we solve problems. Initially, the first step is to identify areas of struggle.

First Step- Identify Areas of Struggle

Why are people struggling? Is it a technology area? Is it a financial area? Is it just general in life? Identify the areas of struggle. That’s the first thing we do.

Second Step – Apply our Method

The second thing we do is then apply our method or our coaching methodology to those particular areas. So, in other words, does our coaching or our method solve technology problems? Does it solve money problems? Does it solve personal stress issues?

Once we have identified the area and we’ve applied our method to those particular areas, then we have a way of positioning ourselves and capitalizing on the increase of complexity and the increased opportunity for us as life coaches.

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