The Biggest Challenges faced by every Life Coach


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00:30 Biggest challenges that faces every life coach
01:24  How scarcity increases the value of your product
02:05  How to double your business by reducing your availability?
02:48  The number one mistake when using social media

Good Day!

This is Adam Sowden and welcome to this week’s episode of Six Figure Life Coach.

What we’re gonna be covering today is one of the biggest challenges that faces Life Coaches in growing their business.

We’re also gonna be covering how you can use scarcity to increase the value of your services even when you’re first starting out.

And we’re also gonna be covering one of the biggest social media mistakes that most life coaches might when trying to use social media to get some clients and how you can overcome that.

So all that’s coming up soon!

The Biggest Challenge for Life Coaches

One of the biggest challenges that faces just about every life coach when they first started up is quite simply just explaining what you do. Now the problem with trying to explain life coaching is that it’s not standard kind of vocation so when we explain it, it can quite often confuse people.

And the rule is that any confusion will kill any opportunity that you have to make a sale. So the way we get around that is we just don’t bother trying to explain your methodology. Don’t bother trying to explain your method. Start by simply explaining:

First, who you help and what you help them solve.

Who you help might be a man or a woman, a business person, a single mother… whatever… who you help and the problem that you help them solve… Which is make more money, feel better about themselves, etc.

Do that and it’ll become more tangible, make more sense and improve your ability to make a sale.

How To Add Scarcity Your Side

Most people know that scarcity increases the value of a product, or the perceived value of a product, it’s the same in any coaching business. So when you’re first starting up it can quite often be a little bit of challenge to actually promote scarcity when you got lot of room in your diary.

So one of the ways you can do that and one of the ways I did this was actually reduce the amount of hours that you’re available.

When I first started working I worked on weekends, I worked on late at night and I just made myself available for the prospects and for my clients. So I stopped doing that and worked only business hours. As soon as I worked just business hours, my business doubled.

And then I decided that I was gonna halve it again so I only work before lunch. So I worked from nine to lunch time every day. And my business doubled again. And then I cut it down even further to where I was only working three days a week, three half days a week and then my a business grew again.

So that’s how you basically can use scarcity to increase the value. Only make yourself available during set times during the week, limit your availability and that increases your perceived value.

Using Social Media? Yes or No?

One of the biggest opportunities we have as coaches at the moment is to use social media to gain life coaching clients. But one of the mistakes that you see all the time, and one of the absolute rules of using social media to get life coaching clients is this:

Do not tell people how happy you are. Now if you are feeling happy and you want to post it and you want to share it, go for it. That’s fine. But if you want to get coaching clients and you actually want to get a response… then telling people how happy you are is going to have the reverse effect.

So instead of telling people how wonderful your life is and how happy you are, actually start connecting with them with their problem or with their situation. In other words you could; rather than saying how happy you are… you could say, “Have you got this problem?”, “Would you like some help with it?”

It’s a little bit more direct. It’s a little bit more transparent and it’s actually bound to get you far more results than telling people that your life is wonderful.

Well that’s about it for this week’s installment of Six Figure Life Coach.

Stay tuned for next week.

We’ll have more tips to help you grow your coaching business, make more money and make more of a difference in people’s lives.

See you next week. 

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