Web Conversion Tips for Life Coaches

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Web Conversion Tips For Life Coaches

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1:05 Three Things on Lead Capture   “The 6 Figure Life Coach”

0:25  – “Put In a Prominent Place”

0:34  –  “Hook Up to Your Database”

0:43  – “Pre-Prepared Response”

“Today, you are going to be learning about capturing leads on your life coach website.”

Welcome to the “The 6 Figure Life Coach” Web Conversion Tips Video Series.

Three Things on Lead Capture  

So, my first tip today is about Lead Capture. What I want you to do is – on your website, is that you want to focus on three things about lead capture.

Put In a Prominent Place

The first thing is you want your lead capture form field to be in a really prominent place in your website. You want your top right hand corner, where people will see it straight away. It’s where the eye falls.

Hook Up to Your Database

The second thing you want to do is you want to have this hooked up to your database so that when someone actually opts in, their details go straight into your database. That means that there’s no doubling up for you. You’ve got the person ready to go.

Pre-Prepared Response

The third thing you want to do is that you want to have a pre-prepared response. You want an automatic email to go out or you want to start delivering on the promise that you gave them in the front-end of your lead capture.

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